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4 Budget-Friendly Marketing Musts for Re-Opening Your Business - Guest Blogger Naomi Johnson

It seems like it’s been ages since so many small businesses had to close their doors. Now that restrictions in many areas are being relaxed, these businesses are preparing to open those doors once again. If you own a small business and find yourself in this position, you may be nervous about how to best promote your reopening and your business. That’s where having these budget savvy pandemic marketing tips can be oh so helpful.

You’re Going to Need Some New Signs

Honestly, there’s no better way to let customers know your business is back and better than ever before than with some vibrant new signage! Now we know what you’re thinking: signs can be pretty expensive. But retailers such as Staples have got you covered during these uncertain times! With Staples promo codes, discounts and cashback opportunities, you can get those signs printed in no time with no extraordinary costs. While you’re placing your order for signs and other marketing essentials, also be sure to check out COVID-19 print resources for your small business. Staples is offering amazing deals on these essential signs to help small businesses. This includes floor decals to help your customers practice social-distancing.

You May Also Need to Work Remotely

Being able to get back to business as usual can feel great! Sadly, this may not be an option just yet for many businesses. With states still imposing restrictions on small businesses and offices, many folks are still stuck working from home. This doesn’t necessarily have to take a toll on your profits, however, especially when you put a few low-cost collaborative tools to work for your small business. Tech tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are examples of some of the tech tools you can use for remote teams but honestly the most effective tools are absolutely free. Staying aware of the challenges your staff is facing and trusting them to work efficiently are just two of these amazing tools.

You Should Work Your Social Media Accounts

Another free tool you can actually use to promote your reopening is social media. Even if your business is still closed for the time being, you can use these social media marketing examples to come up with strategies that will keep clients connected to your offerings. If you sell books or craft supplies, consider offering virtual clubs and events to your customers via social media. You could also consider giving your followers a live tour of your business, which can be a great tactic for getting them excited about your reopening plans. The best part about using social media to promote your business is that all of that exposure can cost you absolutely nothing! While you can pay for ads and insights, setting up an account on any platform is free and easy to do. It’s also worth noting that many social media companies are offering free ad resources right now.

You Should Definitely Use Resources and Tools

Taking advantage of free and low-cost signage, collaborative and social media tools can help your business succeed post-COVID. If you need an extra boost(and who doesn’t right now?), know that there are plenty of other free and low-cost resources available online to help small businesses like yours stay afloat. For instance, many marketing companies are providing grants, service fee reductions and email marketing resources, all of which you can use to help promote your small business. Email marketing can also be another effective channel for staying in touch with your customers and letting them know about your reopening plans. Finally, don’t forget to look for relief programs that can also provide the assistance your business needs.

Promoting your small business is important but so is keeping costs low. So don’t think that you have to spend a small fortune to advertise your reopening plans and get customers back into your business. Use free marketing tools when available and look for other ways to save!

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