• Nik Gripton

How Technology Can Help Ease the Frictions of Customer Service

As a business owner, maintaining customer satisfaction is incredibly important. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so you need to make sure that you can keep them coming back. One crucial way you can show your customers they matter to you is by providing a seamless customer service experience.

Thankfully, there are many technological tools available that can help you to enhance not only their experience but also your communication with them. Here are the important ways your digital presence can make your customers happier.

Data Collection

Analyzing data you receive from customers tells you a lot about what people want from your business. Checking keywords potential customers are searching on your website can help you adapt your online presence to meet their needs. You are also able to figure out who your audience is so you can properly advertise to them.

Allowing your customers to search through your site can make their experience smooth and steady. You can also learn to adapt as your clients do. This enables you to improve your business and effectively “modernize.” As you consider customer feedback and data, you will have a better chance at a positive customer service experience.


Good communication is crucial to maintaining customer relations. Your methods of communication are just as important as your manner. Though you likely have a business phone number and email address, you might want to consider other methods of communication. Most customers would rather use live chat than talk to a representative over the phone. Using this method, you can better communicate and understand your customers directly.

Website Features

Including helpful features on your website is another great way to alleviate customer complaints. It’s important to always be looking at how to improve your customers’ user experiences so you can keep them happy. Adding features such as price comparisons and explanations to your website can be extremely helpful for customers who are looking for information about your products. Also try posting a link (or creating your own) to a review website to show off what customers think of your product. Adding a form to your website that allows your customers to contact you with concerns can also be very helpful.

You should want a clean-looking website to help your customers. Clear communication through technology will improve your interactions with people. As you consider the user’s experience, it will save them time and leave them with a positive impression of your business.

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