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How to Improve Your Customer’s Experience on Your Website

In a brick and mortar store, companies spend a lot of time training employees on how to deal with customers. These training sessions help ensure that customers have positive experiences in their stores. If your business is online, you don’t have employees there to guide your customers and ensure they enjoy their time. It’s just your website. In order to ensure that your customers like your site, you need to do the following.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Nothing makes a website more frustrating than difficult navigation. If your website is difficult to navigate, then customers are going to quickly leave. Keep in mind that many of your customers will be using their phones to shop. You need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

To make your website easy to navigate, your menus should be simple and well-organized. They need to be in an obvious location and well sized. It’s not wise to make navigation reliant entirely on typing. Most individuals prefer to click rather than type. But at the same time, they can become frustrated if clicking is taking too long.

Include Ways to Communicate

It’s very important that you include your company's contact information on your website. At a minimum you should include an email. However, many people want to be able to talk to someone immediately. One way is to provide a telephone number; however, a quality call center can be expensive to operate. Additionally, this interrupts the customers buying process which can be bad for sales.

Many businesses have solved this problem with conversational commerce. Implementing conversational commerce is a great way to communicate with your customers. You can do it by putting a chat window on the bottom or side of your page. This way your customers can ask their questions without leaving the product page. You can employ AI to answer many of the common questions and have employees that work on responding to the more difficult questions.

Provide Reviews

Many customers are concerned about the quality of products when they make purchases online. You can calm this fear by providing your customers with other customer’s reviews. Some companies are concerned that this could negatively impact them if they get bad reviews, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Customers understand that not everyone is going to be satisfied by a product. In fact, if they don’t see any negative comments, they might think that your reviews are fake. You can make a bad review a good thing by responding to it. If you show your customers that you care about making things right when something goes wrong, they will know that they can trust you.

Designing your website around your customers' experience is an incredibly important thing to do. Use data tracking to discover how your customers are using your website. See if you can detect any problems like repeated searches using similar terms. These things can highlight the changes that you should make.

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