• Nik Gripton

Leverage the Power of Local Marketing With Advertising Collectives

Brick-and-mortar businesses bring their marketing online while focusing on geographic locality to reach the target audience they need. While solitary advertising maintains a tight focus, a new idea in advertising collectives combines the power of location-based digital marketing with good, old-fashioned community spirit. The result is a stronger and more audience-friendly approach that generates leads and saves companies money.

Advertising Collectives Explained

A diverse range of marketing methods helps local businesses attract attention on the internet. Among them, SEO, directory inclusion, social media interactions, video sharing, and community involvement top the list. All of these methods may be out of reach for a single small business.

Collectives group companies by location and leverage their smaller advertising budgets to deliver targeted, powerful ads and marketing efforts to their local audiences. Each business involved gets more views, clicks, and potential leads for less.

Collective Local Marketing

Most local shops and service companies cannot compete with large corporations when it comes to advertising budgets and reach. Yet the same online marketing methods work for these smaller businesses if they target their city or neighborhood instead of a global marketplace.

Collective marketing charges individual companies less so their pooled money can do more. Expensive video marketing, PPC, social media ads, and more work for everyone in the Collective at the same time.

Digital Word of Mouth

Joe tells Gary that ABC Plumbing gives you the best deal in town, and they work cheap! Gary calls them up and the plumbing company's profit grows. Word of mouth advertising is effective, cheap, and easy. However, it fails to take advantage of the biggest potential pool of local customers online. When multiple companies invest their money and attention on collective advertising, the resultant campaigns mimic the power of word of mouth for both exposure and trust.

Your company needs more customers or clients, but you are not alone. With the combined advertising power of new collective methods, multiple businesses in your city or town get a considerable boost to potential profits without overwhelming expense.

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