• Nik Gripton

Marketing Musts

So you've got a product, a service and you're clicking along. Friends of friends and family are utilizing your expertise, buying your products and you're feeling pretty good. They've referred a few folks to you and you're starting out on pretty good terms. And then...


It stops.

You've used up all of your family passes, your friend referrals and those who are going to be supportive have been supportive and their done.

Now you need new clients, new customers. It is all about marketing. Here are your Marketing Musts:

  • Website. Regardless of what you do, you need a website. This acts as a few different things for you. It is your business card, storefront, scheduler, and secretary. It shows people who you are, helps them purchase even when you're not open, schedule even when they can't get through on the phone and allows them to leave a message for you.

  • Social Media. Depending on your niche, you'll discover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Alignable and a hundred others. Pick wisely, make sure your company profile matches across the board. This is where prospects meet you. They meet you on social media, they visit you on the website.

  • Directories. Directories are important because this is where they go looking for you, They're searching "plumbers, electricians, flowers etc etc". They find you on Google and Yahoo! and smaller Directories like MSBD. Directories also create what are called backlinks. Those are links pointing back at your website. Google (for one) uses backlinks to rate the importance of your website to rank it in its listings.

Each and every impression matters. Make it a good one. Educate your customers and tell your story. The more they know about you, the more they care about you. That builds loyalty and brings in sales.

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