• Nik Gripton

Monday Motivation

It’s Monday morning. Waking up, you discover you fell asleep with your eye glasses on and broke them. You stumble through the house, bumping into things and find someone who can see to help put your glasses back together until you can get into the eye doctor and get them fixed.

You stop and think, “wow so this is how my day’s going to be.”


Take a look at that. Are you really going to pre-determine your entire day based upon the fact that you broke your glasses? Stubbed your toe? Was late for work? NO!


You wake up, it is Monday Morning. You discover your glasses broken, but your wonderful spouse takes them (because they can see and you can’t) and repairs them haphazardly but they’re wearable and you can now see. What a day!


And that’s what you do, all day long. Everything that comes your way, you face it head on, you ask for help and you CONQUER your day!

There’s no quitting. There’s no dooming your entire day over one incident. And there is NO GIVING UP.

Go Get Em!

Make those sales, close those deal & reach your goals!


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