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What Makes A Leader (Guest Blogger: Rachel Fox)

What is Leadership? What is the difference between being a manager versus a leader? Think about that for a few moments. What qualities do leaders possess that managers do not? Think about your past managers. I can recall several that focused on their responsibilities without offering assistance to the team when needed. They were simply there to direct and complete paperwork. When the opportunity to become a manager, I took it willingly. I vowed to be the type of manager I always wished I had. Did I make mistakes? Of course!, but I learned from them and did my best to never repeat the same mistake twice. As I developed my management skills, I shifted my focus to truly taking care of my team. I had a few philosophies that I stuck to at all times: 1. Be the type of leader that commands respect and be prepared to give that same level of respect at all times. 2. Stop talking and actively listen to what your employees are saying. Ask questions, dig deeper when an issue arises. Empower your team to make decisions! 3. Never ask an employee to do something you haven’t already done or wouldn’t be willing to do. 4. Lead by example. You can talk all day, but if you aren’t following the same standards for your performance, your employees will see right through you. A leader is someone who takes charge and initiative with passion and vision.

A manager carries out tasks. Will you be a leader or a manager? The power lies within YOU!

Rachel is a photographer and owns Deserving Image Photography and uses her company to provide services in her community.

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