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What You Can Do to Show How Much You Appreciate Your Employees

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Without your employees, the business simply could not function. How does one go about showing appreciation for their efforts? A good manager will pay attention to the human dimension of the employee-employer relationship.

Personally Recognize Them

Over 35% of employees don’t think their employers care about them as a team member or person. As a manager, it is essential not only to recognize the group of employees as a whole but to target individuals for their successful endeavors specifically. A team member will undoubtedly feel a stronger connection with their work environment if they are recognized on an individual level. The recognition should be specific. As an example, if you were to recognize someone from customer service, a display of what customers have said about the performance of the employee during interactions is a great way to shine the light of recognition. This makes the employee feel like a true team member who is valued with integrity.

Cater Breakfast or Lunch

Nothing says thank you more than food. It brings comfort and recognition to those on your team who deserve it. This is a chance to show your team that you are more than just a manager who, day in and day out, monitors performance and numbers. You are a manager who cares about your people, and you want them to succeed. But you also want to build important bridges with your employees.

Building personal relationships with your employees is critical in maintaining a successful workplace. It's not enough to say that you care. Words alone don't really have a lot of weight to them. When you demonstrate how much you care, by doing something as simple as catering lunch or breakfast, you are asking your team to take a time out, appreciate life and each other. It's a chance for people to talk, and get to know one another on a personal level.

Have a Company Party

As a social function, a company party is an excellent way to take away the stress of office life. A company party brings out the fun in everybody and allows people to talk, discuss their lives while building relationships. A company party is an excellent way to show employee appreciation. A fun thing to do is turn the company party into an awards event, similar to the Oscars. Each employee gets recognized for something professional and then something quirky. The awards can be company-related items, such as shirts, coffee mugs, or backpacks. In all, it's a fun way to recognize employees for their hard work and dedication.

Company Outing

A company outing is a fun way to recognize employees while at an off-site location. The outing can be held in an amusement park, a theater, or a place that is fun and not related to work. The point is to remove the stress and chained up feeling that one sometimes gets from working in an office all week. Whether it's renting a house by the beach or going go-kart racing, company outings are fun adventures you take with your team. This is a way to recognize the efforts of the team by just going out and having a good time with your co-workers and reports. These should not be stressful or connected to work. The idea is to achieve the life-work balance in order to sustain or possibly increase productivity and employee mood.

Team-Building Exercises

As a team, there should be an effort made to strategize and develop plans that achieve some common goal. These are called team-building exercises, and they can be a fun way to work with your team while demonstrating your appreciation for their efforts. Team-building exercises often introduce a problem that needs to be solved or a challenge between the employees. The employees are divided, and the challenge to reach some coveted goal begins. The team that wins receives a prize, such as a catered lunch. The point of the exercises is to demonstrate the power of working together while recognizing the efforts of individuals fitting into the whole.

Employee appreciation should be the focus of any manager. It inspires growth, relationships, integrity, and passion. The level of appreciation shown by a manager is often reflected in how well the employee performs as well as the length of their tenure with a company or division.

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