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When You’ve Been Hit By the Recession, It May Be Time to Take Your Skills Online:

Guest Blogger: Sara Bull

By 2019, women were found to comprise a majority of the workforce. However, this was a short-lived victory as the coronavirus pandemic occurred and, with it, a new economic recession. And while a recession always hits the workforce hard, there’s no question that this present one is hitting working women the hardest.

It’s truly a ‘shecession’ unlike anything that the world has ever seen, and if you’re one of the many women who have seen a loss in livelihood, it can be little comfort to know that you’re not alone. However, know that all hope is not lost. There are earning opportunities you can explore when you consider a pivot to online, home-based work here in Maryland. Let’s take a closer look at what’s out there.

Start a business.

Yes, building a business is undoubtedly among the best and most lucrative ways to make a living, though many people still balk at the idea for various reasons, ranging from fear to insufficient knowledge. However, the reality is that it’s easier now more than ever to start a small business in Maryland, especially when you have the full power of the internet and technology to help you make it happen. This, in turn, makes it a truly feasible option when you’re on the lookout for income-generating opportunities at this time.

Indeed, it’s interesting to note that you can start an online business with little to no money. There are, in fact, a good number of business models that make it possible when you don’t have a product of your own to offer, such as dropshipping or affiliate marketing (to name a few). Better yet, you can build a business around your passion. This is an option that’s not only potentially lucrative but can be personally rewarding, too.

Become a freelancer.

Now, if running a business is not something you’re particularly keen on, you might find that you’re better suited to making use of your skills as a freelancer. The gig economy is, in fact, a growing one as more and more companies and employers turn to freelancers and remote workers to do myriad tasks for their businesses, running the gamut from the technical to the creative. For instance, if you're looking to offer admin support on a freelance basis, you can visit a freelance job site where you can apply for various projects and earn feedback for increased visibility.

You can do it all with the right tools and resources.

Yes, the money-making opportunities online are varied and plenty, as are the ways in which you can make your life and your work easier. There is, in fact, no dearth of resources that you can leverage to educate yourself and get things done, which can be a truly invaluable way to grow your skillset and increase your chances of online success. So whether you want to learn how to build a small business in Maryland or are just trying to build your confidence as you start a tech career, chances are, you will find a nifty guide (or several) to help you in the process.

Tools are just as plentiful, too. In fact, there’s an app or software for just about anything under the sun, which can help you work more quickly and efficiently. Case in point, you will often find yourself dealing with sensitive data as you take your livelihood online, be it your own IP or client information, etc. It’s only smart, therefore, to have cybersecurity measures in place to protect your devices proactively—and yes, there are many tools and resources that can help you do exactly that.

Yes, finding yourself sans a livelihood in a recession is a terrifying situation, but it’s far from hopeless. By stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring online opportunities, you’re essentially stepping into the future. And for those who are so inclined to take a chance, it’s a bright one, indeed!

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